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Welcome to the website of Bouwbedrijf M.E. Schoen B.V.
This website is still under construction; soon photo's and references will be added as well as extra texts.

Bouwbedrijf M.E. Schoen B.V. is a small-sized, reliable, and all-round building and construction company, which can facilitate all frequent refurbishments, full or partial renovations and general maintenance work.

Projects range from small maintenance work to full renovations.

Customers comprise families, singles, seniors, Associations of Appartments (VvE's) and organisations which manage residential real estate.

Due to the small and informal organization (ZZP) and the large and varied network of reliable subcontractors it is possible to quickly and adequately respond to customer needs.

Leading in all projects and activities are objective and needs of the customer. These are determined by expected use, level of finishing, budget, own participation in the execution of the project, etc.

Bouwbedrijf M.E. Schoen B.V. frequently works for foreign clients, a.o. Expat's and communicates in Dutch, English, German and French.

The Hague, June 2012  

Bouwbedrijf M.E. Schoen B.V.
Nachtegaalplein 22, 2566 JP Den Haag